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A Nice Surprise

At Paquin Interiors, we are here for all your interior remodeling needs, large or small.  Our client on this small master bath remodel received a nice surprise. After demolition of their fiberglass tub insert, we found a false wall which we were able to remove and extend the length of their shower over 18 inches. This formed a perfect niche for their bench seat.  As the client wanted a single fixed glass panel and no door, this extra space was not only a bonus, but will ensure minimal water spray is able to exit the shower entry area.

This custom shower will feature controls on the right hand side and rain head with separate handheld on a slide bar on the left hand side, allowing the shower to be turned on without even stepping in.

Wall tile is going in now, featuring large format 12” x 24” Pallissandro White tile by Tile Luxe.  More pictures to come as this remodel progresses!

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