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Built In Coffee Nooks are Now Tending in Kitchen Design.

Start your day with ease and keep your routine on track with a built in coffee station. These java nooks have become one of the most requested "add-on's" in today's kitchen designs. Designating cabinet space for your espresso machine, grounds, syrups, and pods is not only chic but makes getting out of the house in the morning a little easier.

Coffee stations can be built into almost any sized kitchen. In a petite kitchen where every square inch counts, you may want to consider a rolling island or a converted closet space where cabinets can be built in to accommodate your needs. Larger kitchens present a lot of options and make it a little easier to be creative. Try working with your kitchen designer to transform an entire segment of your countertop. Use specialty cabinets to store coffee mugs, small dishes, and of course all of your beans and flavors.

If you are a real coffee snob, high-tech options are also available. Your kitchen designer will be able to recommend a built-in, stainless-steel coffee machine that installs like other appliances. They connect directly to your water supply and can be scheduled to brew before you're up in the morning so that your morning cup of Joe is hot and ready when you are.

Don't forget to add a little charm to your space with a bold tile backsplash, drop in bar sink, floating shelves or a super cute piece of art. All of these little extras will work together to create a space that is truly yours. And, they'll look great while doing it!

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