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Getting Creative with Kitchen Cabinets

When working with semi-custom cabinetry, you have the ability to bring a high level of functionality and organization to almost any room in your home. Consider adding cabinets to create a more custom look, gain additional storage space, or simply to remove clutter from view.

Laundry Room or Mud Room

The laundry room is often the first impression a guest will get when entering your home through the garage. Adding kitchen cabinets to this space will instantly declutter the room, yielding a cleaner, more organized appearance. Lazy Susans and pull out drawers can house cleaning supplies and detergents so that they are easy to access. Tall and deep cabinets turn into a hideaway for vacuum cleaners and brooms. Hanging cabinets can be used as a coat cubby or just to hang freshly laundered clothing when being removed from the dryer. An ironing board can be accessed with simplicity making the task a little less cumbersome. A quartz or granite countertop with a drop-in sink become an instant folding station and soaking bowl for delicates.


Transform your basement with built-in cabinets and gain usable square footage in your home. Build an entertainment center where family and friends can gather. Tuck away matts and work out equipment in an at-home gym. Create a private workspace away from the noise of everyday life - one where you can do business without being interrupted.

Bedrooms or Playrooms

Kitchen Cabinets are perfect for organizing a walk-in closet. Today, there are a lot of specialty cabinets and accessories to customize your cabinet design. Choose adjustable shelves, hanging bars, shoe racks, and drawers to fit the type of storage needs you have. This works equally as well in a child's bedroom or play room where toys and games can be tucked out-of-site in cabinets with shelves and cubbies.

Hallway or Loft

Hallways are often a forgotten space in a home, but with a little thought and planning, a hallway can be used with much efficiency. A built-in storage system can be a place to keep coats, shoes or miscellaneous items from season to season. With a little lighting, an empty wall can be transformed into a work or homework station. Add a bench or window seat between taller cabinets where, with a flip of a lid, extra comforters and pillows tuck creatively out of site.

Home Office

With more and more of us working from home, it is becoming more important to have a dedicated space to do work. With cabinets and countertops, you can transform any room in your home into a stylish and efficient home office. Add a countertop to create an extended workspace. Pullout cabinets and drawer accessories can house filing systems, cables, electronics, and books.

Everyone's individual needs are different. Start by making a list of your personal needs and then partner with a professional cabinet designer who can help you choose the best cabinet line, style and list of accessories for you. At Paquin Interiors, design consultations are always cost-free. Give us a call and we'll set up a one-on-one meeting to help you get your home remodeling project under way.

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